Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable


Yeah! HDMI is the new and mature interface standard for display devices, monitor, TV, TFT display, touch screen display and many more comes with HMDI interface, and of course for us it is Raspberry Pi comes with HDMI interface ūüôā But this cable is not for Raspberry Pi 3 or similar boards, because it is meant for Raspberry Pi Zero series of SBC. Due to the size of Raspberry Pi Zero board, the HDMI port is mini size.

But don constrain yourself to Raspberry Pi Zero ūüôā This is Mini HDMI (Male) to Standard HDMI (Male) cable with 1.5 meter length (about 5 feet). Connect a device with a Mini HDMI port to a regular sized HDMI port together with this basic HDMI cable.


  • Mini HDMI to standard HDMI, male to male cable
  • 1.5 meter length, about 5 feet.
  • Support both image and audio


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