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When we get this case from¬†Raspberry Pi Foundation, it surprised us! We need to send kudos to them ūüôā This case is super nice with the color matching, shape, and design consideration behind it. Yes, adding a camera port and built-in Wireless (WiFi and Bluetooth) to the already awesome Pi Zero was a brilliant move. Now you can cover your Raspberry Pi Zero project with the Raspberry Pi official Red and White color cover, specially designed for it. They even comes with 3 type of covers (lids) to cover your project accordingly. What we like most is the camera cover where you can build a nice WiFi connected camera.

This is the official Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W case from Raspberry Pi Foundation.


  • Material:¬†ABS
  • Color: White and Red, Official Raspberry Pi case colors.
  • Comes with 3 changeable top lids:
    • Full Cover (Solid)
    • Camera Cover – A hole at the center to expose the lens, also camera module mounting
    • GPIO Cover – Open hole for accessing the 40-pin GPIO
  • Compatible with:
    • Raspberry Pi Zero
    • Raspberry Pi Zero W
    • Raspberry Pi Zero WH¬†(only with GPIO Cover)
  • Dimension: 76 x 35 x 12mm
  • Weight: 12grams
  • 1 x Base case
  • 3 x different top case (lids), changeable:
    • Plain lid (complete cover)
    • GPIO lid (Expose of 40-pin GPIO)
    • Camera lid (Camera lens hole at the center)
  • 1 x short camera cable (for Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W, or Zero WH only)
  • 4 x rubber feet


  • The Pi Zero mini camera cable comes packaged inside of the Pi Zero case.
  • This case does not include Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero W.
  • Only the GPIO lid (Expose of 40-pin GPIO) can be used with¬†Raspberry Pi Zero WH¬†(because the 2×20 header pins on WH is conflicting with camera and plain lid)


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