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The Raspberry Pi Store is an attention-seeking creature, so celebrated its third birthday all year. We indulged it by booking a three-stop tour around the UK to let it show off its fancy wares to new fans in Gateshead and Edinburgh, before returning to London, where we hosted our first ever pop-up store last year.

london store pop up
You can tell this 📸 was taken in London on account of the big red bus

Free gifts!

If you like free Raspberry Pi-themed merchandise, your queuing experience could be a lot more fun this time around.

And because I can’t keep secrets at all, the enigmatic-sounding “free Raspberry Pi-themed merchandise” is special-edition pin badges. We’ll be handing them to store visitors until we run out!

We had these specially made for events, so you can’t buy them anywhere!

Where is it happening?

We are back in the heart of London’s famous shopping district on Oxford Street in exactly the same spot as last year.

You can find us at: 58 Oxford Street, London W1D 1BH.

london pop up store

The pop-up store is inside Sook, opposite Zara and next door to Clarks Footwear.

When is it happening?

Friday 28 October

10:00 – 18:00

Saturday 29 October

10:00 – 18:00

What can I buy?

As well as an exquisite selection of T-shirts, stickers, and some of the best books from the Raspberry Pi Press store, we will have some brand new official merchandise on sale for the first time. Six new items, to be exact. So if you’d like to be one of the first people ever to own one of our brand new mugs, water bottles, pin badges, pens, notebooks, or travel mugs, come and see us in London.

official merchandise new mug 2022
So new…

Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB, 4GB, and 8GB) will be in stock at the pop-up. Please be aware that we’re limiting Raspberry Pi 4 to one of these computers per person. Note that the limit is one of any, not one of each, so you won’t be able to purchase one 2GB model and one 8GB model — you can only buy one of any of these computers. We’ve decided to do this to try to ensure that everyone who has made the trip to Oxford Street can pick up one of these harder-to-come-by boards.

Official merchandise new pen 2022
More new stuff

Raspberry Pi 400 and Raspberry Pi Pico have no restrictions on the quantity you can purchase, so you can get every single person on your Christmas list the same thing. Streamlining the gift-buying process is really what the holiday season is about, after all.

pimoroni enviro hat

We’ll also be stocking some of the most popular products from one of our Approved Resellers, Pimoroni. If you’re looking to step up your Raspberry Pi game, you can get your hands on an Inky Impression e-ink HATenviro HATs that monitor your surroundings, and glitzy HyperPixel displays.

Why should I pop by?

The flagship Raspberry Pi Store in Cambridge gives people of all ages and abilities the chance to get hands-on with technology, and we’re recreating that experience as closely as we can in London.

official merchandise pin badges

Whether you’re a parent whose children have started coding at school or you’re looking to do something cool with sensors and LEDs, come down and meet the team from Raspberry Pi. They will be able to tell you exactly what you need, and direct you to free resources to help you get started with whatever project you have in mind.

child tinkering in the store

Where are you popping up next?

Yes, we do already have plans for pop-up store locations next year. No, that is not a secret I’m allowed to tell you yet. In reality, they haven’t even told me yet, on account of my telling secrets so liberally. I’ll tell you as soon as I can. Promise.

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